Friday, October 30, 2009

Breakfast in a Shoe

The morning was miserable. It seemed FF was being disciplined from the time her little feet hit the floor. She was tormenting her little sister, dumping her toys out on the floor, falling out in temper tantrums and the last straw - touched the lampshade she knows better than to touch. Finally I was fed up! I put her into time out, handed her breakfast to her and let her know that she was not coming out of time out until I had finished my shower (which was taken VERY hurriedly). After showering, I walked back into the den and thought my sweet adorable child had returned. She smiled sweetly at me, handed me her shoe filled with her breakfast and said, "Look mommy, breakfast in a shoe!" Now here in South GA we have a restaurant called Macadoo's which has an awesome concept called Breakfast in a Cup. It consists of grits, eggs, sausage and cheese all mixed together in a cup. Add a little butter and a packet of salt and OH MY you have a treat! The girls at my work suggest I market the idea of Breakfast in a Shoe to some of our local shoe stores...

In the insanity of the morning I failed to see the Father's hand at work. I allowed my circumstances to get the best of me and I blew it by becoming frustrated. Once I repented, cleaned the breakfast OUT of the shoe, re-dressed my child and loaded up the car, we went to work. I was late going in and frustrated that my day just continued to fall off it's track. I failed to see God's hand at work orchestrating my day. I failed to take joy in the little things He had sprinkled all over my path. When I got to work (late) my co-workers were as usual smiling and joyful. One asked if I enjoyed breakfast in a cup, to which I answered, "I LOVE breakfast in a cup." "What about breakfast in a shoe," she asked? That is when I saw the precious size 4 shoes with a Nutri-grain breakfast bar in them. We ALL had a good laugh! The Lord has blessed me with a job that I love where everyone loves Him and each other as sisters in Christ. They blessed me in seeing the humor I had missed.

"The JOY of the Lord is my strength." Neh 8:10 (NIV) Joy is not the quick fleeting happiness that is temporarily felt when all things go right. As Americans we pursue happiness, but as Christians we should pursue the joy of the Lord. JOY is a deeper heart condition that rises above the circumstances and says, "regardless of the day I will praise your name Jesus and rest in YOU. I will allow You to order my day and Your joy to be my strength!" Through Him we can face anything (even breakfast in a shoe!)

Blessings this day and may the joy of the Lord be YOUR strength!

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  1. Cute girls! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your words of encouragement! It's nice to hear that my passion, er obsession, blesses someone. Have a great weekend!